COVID-19 and Paycheck Protection Program Updates

COVID-19 and Paycheck Protection Program Updates

All Northwest Community Bank lobbies returned to normal business operations on Wednesday, July 8th. We encourage you to continue to use our drive-up windows, ATMS, and mobile/online banking. When entering our lobbies, we will require all customers to wear a mask, follow social distancing markers, and have identification ready to present to staff.

The Payroll Protection Program officially ends on August 8, 2020. Northwest Community Bank will not be accepting or processing applications past 4:00 P.M. on this date to ensure all pending requests are attended to and successfully submitted for approval.

Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness for Borrowers

The Bank would like to now present to you an automated PPP Forgiveness solution that will allow you to provide the information required, including the Forgiveness Application, required documentation, and communication with the bank. Developed by our core processor, this solution will streamline the process and maintain all of the information and communication in one place.

The application will walk you through a series of questions that, based on your answer, will complete the proper form. You will still need to complete the worksheet with the payroll details and provide the necessary documentation. Please check with your payroll processor, as they are likely to have developed specialized SBA PPP reports providing the required information. These reports will be accepted by the SBA and will streamline the process.

The SBA has indicated they will begin accepting forgiveness applications on August 10th; we encourage you to begin the forgiveness process before that time and as soon as possible to ensure all information is correct and validated as forgivable.

To begin your application, please click he following link:

Your login credentials are as follows:

  • Tax ID Number
  • SBA Approval Number (found on the first page of your promissory Note)
  • The Loan Amount

Please be advised of the following:

  • You can sign in and out of your application as many times as you want and make changes to it
  • If you choose, an advisor, such as your accountant, can work on the application for you. You will need to share the sign on credentials.
  • There is a section near the end of the application that allows you to upload your supporting documents. All documents need to be uploaded into the system. We cannot accept paper or emailed documents.
  • You will receive a secure message from Bank staff who are reviewing your Application if they have any questions or need additional documentation. 
  • Once the application is complete and ready to be submitted, you will electronically sign it. It will automatically be submitted to the bank for review. You will have the opportunity to modify the application even after you submit it.

Below is a list of documentation that may be required depending on your specific loan circumstances.

  • Many payroll processors are providing specialized payroll reports for Worksheet A schedules for periods including the Covered Period, the Reference Period, and the first quarter of 2020. We encourage you to use these schedules if available.
  • 941 Quarterly Payroll Returns for the covered periods.
  • If there are issues with retaining or rehiring employees you will need to provide documentation including copies of offer letters and filings to the State Department of Labor.
  • Benefit payroll costs need to be documented with copies of cancelled checks, general ledger listings, and paid bills.
  • Only interest paid on mortgages is allowed, so please include a statement that breaks out the principal and interest payments.
  • For rent payments, you will need to provide a copy of the lease.
  • Utility payments include natural gas, electricity, water, internet, phone, and gasoline for business vehicles, and any expense for automotive expense deduction on your tax return. We have not found in any Guidance for the inclusion of Security Systems or Cell Phones.

And as always, if you have any questions, please e-mail us at:

All Northwest Community Bank lobbies returned to normal business operations on Wednesday, July 8th

The safety of our customers and staff continues to be a priority and we have implemented the following procedures:

  • All staff and customers will be required to wear a mask while inside Northwest Community Bank branches.
  • We have installed plexiglass shields at all our teller counters for the protection of everyone.
  • We have installed social distancing markers throughout all of our lobbies. We request all staff and employees kindly follow their guidance.
  • We will be limiting the number of customers allowed in the lobby at once in order to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Customers will be required to bring identification into the bank. We may ask that you momentarily lower your mask for identification purposes if needed.
  • Our staff is sanitizing high touch point areas hourly, pin pads after each use, and wiping down desks and workspaces with disinfectant wipes daily.
  • Some of our branch locations will have designated specific doors for Entering and Exiting the building. (Torrington will enter as usual, and exit via the side door, Litchfield will enter in the rear and exit via the front.)

We understand that not everyone feels comfortable conducting in-person business just yet, so we encourage you to continue to use our ATMs, drive up windows, and mobile/online banking.

Northwest Community Bank will continue to monitor the and the websites for changes in COVID-19 guidelines and mandates. We will provide updates as they become available should we need to make any additional changes to our processes or operations.

Should you need to contact any of our branches, you may view our locations by clicking here.

Paycheck Protection Program a Success for Local Community Banks

Click here to view Press Release (PDF).

Preventing Fraud

During this time of uncertaintly, be extra vigilant of suspicious emails, phone calls, and text messages looking for your personal information - they could be impersonatity a government agency, charity, medical or health provider, or a financial institution. Please do not supply any personal or account information via phone calls or emails sent to you from Northwest Community Bank. Contact us directly through our published phone numbers listed on our website.


Ways to Bank Remotely

Ways to bank remotely:

I-Banking helps you handle your banking needs from anywhere, anytime.

  • View up-to-the-moment account balances and up to one year of history on any deposit or loan account
  • Pay your bills with our FREE Personal I-Banking Bill Pay
  • Transfer funds between any Northwest Community Bank transaction account, as well as any checking or savings account from another financial institution
  • Make payments from your checking or transactional savings account to your Northwest Community Bank mortgage, home equity or installment loan
  • View, print or save images of checks that have cleared your account
  • View, print or save up to 18 months of monthly statements when you sign up for FREE eStatements
  • Set up FREE alerts for high or low balances, deposits or withdrawals as well as current balances to your email inbox or mobile device
  • Send secure messages to a Customer Service Representative

Mobile Banking allows you to securely access your account information 24/7 from anywhere using your mobile device.

  • Check account balances
  • View account history
  • Transfer funds between accounts (person to person and bank to bank accounts)
  • Pay bills and schedule payments
  • Locate nearby Northwest Community Bank branches and ATMs searching by zip code or address
  • Receive secure mail alerts
  • Deposit checks remotely by taking a picture of your check to securely deposit it (Learn how here)
  • Deactivate or activate your Debit MasterCard

Getting started is easy. Enroll in online banking if you haven’t already, then download our app for iPhone or Android phones or tablets!

It’s easy to get started using Our Secure Online Banking Login, for Personal click here to register and for Business click here to register. If you need further assistance, please call us to request a virtual appointment.

Our drive-up window and ATM networks makes it easy for you to bank whenever and wherever it’s most convenient.

  • Check account balances
  • We offer 4 drive-up locations that allow you to do your banking right from your car
  • As part of the Connecticut Mutual Holding Company, we offer 13 ATM locations to make withdrawing money easy with no fees! Deposits can only be made at Northwest Community Bank ATMs.
  • Night drop locations will remain available for use.

We’d like to remind you that your money is safe in banks during this tumultuous time, and you can read a statement here from the Banking Commissioner for additional information and reassurance.

How to Deposit a Check Using the Northwest Community Bank Mobile App on Your Smartphone

Did you know that you can remotely deposit your checks using our Northwest Community Bank mobile app? Learn how here.